Green-Participation Band for peewee classes. 
Red –Advanced from Peewee to Advanced Beginner(AB) class:(AB1)
Be able to show the correct swing path & correct grip for forehand, backhand, etc.Be able to show footwork of a forehand and a backhand. Be able to hit balls over the net consistently from the service line.

–Advanced Beginner (AB2)  Be able to hit forehands with one hand with the loop. Be able to hit backhands withright grip.Hit both forehands and backhands with movements from 3 feet behind service line (60’) with orange balls.
–Advance from AB(1 hour) into 2 hr classes: Level1-Be able to rally with orange balls- maintain at least 3 rallies back and forth in a 60 feet court with orange balls. Be able to serve in 60 feet court into diagonal service boxes. Be able to keep score.Show correct stance in volleys.
– 2 hour intermediate:
LEVEL 2:Show correct grips of both ground strokes, volleys, overheads and serves. Be able to play full court rallies and know how to score in tennis. Play in a USTA or local play day or tournament.
Brown -2 hour advanced:
LEVEL 3 Know approach shots, slices,spin serves, overheads and doubles. Should participate in USTA tournaments at least 5-6 times a year.

ITF level- Plays at least 3-4 days a week and participates in USTA ranking tournaments